2010/10/28 Released Album「COLOR THE RAINBOW」
2017/09/28 Renewed

The Album released in 2010 “COLOR THE RAINBOW”

Once I stopped singing in March 2011.
I made this with lots of my precious musician friends and lots of hopes and loves,
as a beautiful memory of my singer life.
Because at that time, I never thought that I came back on the stage after 6 years!

Happily, all of the ORIGINAL CDs on my hands are sold out, so I had stages without any of my musics for sale for a while in 2017 haha.
And I renewed this album with lots of memories of my singer days of almost 10 years ago.

The Original version with original artwork is available on the ONLINE SHOP of Non-Profit Organization “PEACE WINDS JAPAN” only.

M1. Cassis and Grapefruits (Kashigre) / カシグレ
M2. All Alone Waltz (Hitoribocchi de Waltz) / ひとりぼっちでワルツ
M3. A Bag and My Right Hand (Kaimono bukuro to Watashi no
Migite) / 買い物袋と私の右手
M4. Under the Sakura (Sakura no Shita) / さくらの下
M5. The Moon (Tsuki) / 月
M6. I’m still the moon
M7. Curse of 20th (Nijunichi no Kanashibari) / 20日のかなしばり
M8. Cappuccino (Cappuccino Sagashi) / カプチーノ探し
M9. I’m with you
M10. Fragrant Olive (Kinmokusei) / キンモクセイ
M11. Piglet
M12. The One (Ichiban) / イチバン
M13. The Colored Rainbow

▼Performed By
Pf & Vo. Ayaka Mawarida / 廻田彩夏
Ba Masakazu Hirano / 平野正和
Gt Masaki Hirano / 平野雅己
Dr & Perc mahbee / まぁびぃ
Fl Toyomi Kobayashi / 小林豊美