I AM [English]


MAWARY -Ayaka Mawarida-

Singing for love, life and freedom.

Used to sing anywhere like livehouse in Tokyo, on the streets in Yokohama, campsite for shelters from big earthquake, church or office in Philippines and Mexico, and donated profits of my songs to whom I met in the world. People under the war, people who want to study, and people on the streets. And at that time, used to work at the day center for street children in Mexico city for some months in every year. I’d been singing like that for 7 years, and one day I felt “this is not enough to express what I’ve been receiving”. So I stopped singing in 2011, and started working at big company. I really hoped to try to do something new in another world, hoped to see new world, and hoped to meet new people. But soon, I lost my way. Though, it’s a great journey of my life now. After exploring different cultures, experiencing many life changing things, and facing challenges, I found myself, my soul, yearning to sing again. It felt like the path I wanted to walk down was, in fact, the path I walked away from. I wanted let my soul dance among the words my heart poured out! My songs have completely changed after a 6 year journey of life. Songs that express my life, love, and motherhood.

Please feel free to ask or contact me from here about anything! >> MAIL TO MAWARY
I really hope to get opportunities to sing in another country especially in Mexico, to return the favor for my foundation of my singer life.

+ I work as an EQ “Emotional Intelligence” coach too! Please ask me anything about EQ workshop, EQ training if you have any interests! >> SEE MORE INFO